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Who We Are

At Yonker, we can let you and your family much easier to monitor your health condition. In the last 12 years, we put our all passion, talent, technology into the small devices. That’s what we do — we believe the Healthcare always is the first issue people need to pay attention to.

Before you known us, you will say it’s hard, expensive and boring to do the physical examination in hospital. Now it’s different, you can do it with our small, smart device in your home, office, Gym, car, anywhere you want to. Of course, you can do it for your father and mother, kids, friends, or for your husband if you want to : )

Maybe it’s your first time using Yonker product, don’t worry about this, our warranty is at least one year even more. You purchased Yonker Pulse Oximeters, Thermometers, blood pressure monitors, etc. We will serve you 7x12hours and wherever you are, America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Contact us freely!

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Yonker is a happy, young, professional team, we are willing to show you more about Who we are and What we do.
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 Yonker Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.

YONKER’s core products are divided into medical and household. The medical products include multi-parameter monitor, desktop, handheld series, and plug-in component monitor products. Providing services for medical procedures such as operation and patient transportation.

Household products cover blood oxygen, blood pressure, temperature monitoring and other products to meet the family’s physical monitoring.

For 12 years, YONKER has consistently introduced the best scientific and technological talent, using the highest technology in the medical field, providing the most accurate data for doctors, and providing the patients with the most comfortable and safe monitoring and treatment.

People’s health problem is never a small matter, Yonker has been sticking to master the research and development, design, production, sales, and service. All the key links are in international standards. That’s why Yonker products are accepted by doctors and users from more than 80 countries.

During these years, YONKER never stops research and develop our technology and products. Now we own a lot of honors and certificates of national and global.

So far we own 21 Design Patents, 7 Utility Model Patents, 6 series products Software Copyright. And certificates like ISO-9001:2008, ISO13485, CE, TUV, FDA, FSC, ROHS, MD-CNAS, High-integrity Enterprise, Dual-soft Certification Enterprise, High-technology Enterprise, etc.

We focus on using simpler products, delivering health to more families, and helping paramedics get accurate data through a simplified approach.

Most of our household products are very small and smart. The fantastic part is they are designed very fashion with high-tech feeling. Many colors are optional for different users.

We think Medical also can be colorful. And we hope you enjoy being younger with us.

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Customers Reviews

The product is amazing! The pulse and oxygen saturation are accurate when compared with the pulse oximeters in the clinic. The ones we currently use are bulky and beep loudly, so I was pleasantly surprised that the accuracy of this pulse oximeter checked out okay. I use it on about 30 patients per day, it’s held up to cleaning with disinfectant wipes. Worth every penny in my opinion, it was a great buy!

Rahul Mohammed, India

I have co-operated with Yonker for more than 6 years, Yonker owned my trust because of its products and service. Their products are very popular in my market. I think we will keep cooperation with this reputable company. 

Aaron Richardson , France

Yonker products are really good, such as pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitor. This has been a great tool for empowering the client to be able to track their levels at home so they can report to their doctor, for evaluating the need for oxygen aid or others.

Amjad Rahman Saleh, Saudi Arabia

I purchase Yonker oximeter for our paramedics and this thing comes in handy for when I just need a quick reading or when my monitor spO2 probe/cables malfunctions or becomes tangled with bp and 12-lead cables and the straps. Used this product with my life pack 15 for consistency as a test on my partner.

George Lewis, USA

Yonker is our best supplier of medical devices. Their products make my company easy to develop the market. Most of my clients are from hospitals, they guys are really strict to the products quality, but they alway say great when they use my Yonker devices.

Ali Kummar, Indonesia

I am lucky to found this supplier of medical equipment. Yonker has all I need, good quality, good price, CE certificate, after-sales service. It always let you feel relieved to purchase Yonker products. The Patient Monitor can choose different languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, That’s really fantastic!

Finn Persie, Netherlands

I love Yonker, They really let me make a lot in my market. Yonker products make my competitors alarm. My buyers choose me all because of they trust Yonker products. My plan is not only in hospitals, I will try to develop the family practice with Yonker new products this year. Let’s see what will happen then.

Antonio Evangelista, Mexico

I am glad to be a distributor of Yonker. Selling becomes easy when you got good products, service, and brand. Yonker is famous now in my market. I am famous too in the industry. More and more people come knocking my door to buy the products. Because Yonker really cares about people’s health.

Asad Khan, Pakistan

I am always looking to further increase of healthcare industry. Yonker just offers me great products what I want. No matter it is a small thermometer or a big patient monitor, Yonker always does the best to design and manufacture. The products make the medical workers easy working and do accuracy decision. That is awesome to both patients and doctors.

Joseph Hernandez, Philippines

As an anesthesiologist, I check blood pressures all day long, so I definitely have some experience with blood pressure monitoring. There are a few important things to look for in an automatic BP monitor. First and foremost, it must be accurate. Second, the cuff needs to be the correct size for your arm. Finally, it should be easy to use, even without assistance. Yonker products did a good job!


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