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Yonker Business Cooperation

Starting from OEM programs, Yonker now pays more attention to the construction of the brand. In its cooperation with the industry, Yonker has always rooted learning and awe in the company’s soul. 2017 Yonker and blood oxygen technology industry leader Nellcor reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

Nellcor is currently headquartered in Singapore, a global company known for its medical technology, with a global market share of 45 percent. It is currently the largest medical device company in the world, Medtronic (USA) subsidiary. Yonker is the global strategic partner of Nellcor, the sixth company in China to work together. It is an indispensable help for the global promotion strategy of Yonker brand.

Yonker and Nellcor cooperation is a quality promotion strategy, Nellcor’s Medtronic parent company owns proprietary processes and procedures, to ensure that the sensor is able to manufacture, to meet with OxiMax ™ technology of new Nellcor ™ pulse oxygen saturation sensor of the same quality specifications.

Through our sustainable development plan, you can use high-quality sensors in the future to ensure patients care and save costs for new products and remanufacturing sensors. In fact, we can tell you how to make the most of this program so that hospitals can save costs without sacrificing quality and performance. Yonker helps clients maintain superior patient care in cost-benefit sustainable development programs.

We are willing to cooperate with more companies have technology, experience, market, passion. Is that you?

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