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About Yonker Company

Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co.,Ltd is an experienced corporation dealing with medical devices. We are specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing multi-parameter patient monitor, multi-parameter central monitoring system, maternal/fetal monitoring system, UV radiation treatment system, ultrasonic nebulizer system and so on. We also deal with in other kinds of monitor fittings, such as handset pulse oximeter, fingertip pulse oximeter, fetal Doppler, etc.

Today, Yonker has 4 global subsidiaries and more than 300 distributors all over the world. The secret of why we grow so fast is Yonker and our partners trust each other. We develop the market together, research products together, share industry information together, and make benefit together. We know clearly we are young and the market is still very large, our purpose is making our products and service help more people get healthier on this planet. So, we are willing to cooperate with you if you have the same goal as us, we think we can benefit people and benefit our companies as well.

Company Culture

Strives for development, have the courage to the pursuit of excellence

Enterprise mission: committed to life and health undertakings with innovation and wisdom to protect human health

Enterprise vision: for human health to provide high quality, innovative products and services

Values: equality, honesty, cooperation, innovation

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